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An expression of hope, culture and inspiration, music and dance is often used as a universal language to unite a community to have the power in every situation.

A way to get involved and feel Unstoppable.

In an effort to inspire and empower a community, Timomatic created the anthem ‘Power’ accompanied by a series of dance moves to build an inclusive, engaged community. Power’s goal is to spark hope and joy; to share a moment which will showcase an energy for life and encourage others to participate and join in on the movement.

As a multi-platinum performer and entertainer, Timomatic is no stranger to challenges throughout his life and has always leant on his passionate self-expression to push him through. An original song, ‘Power’ is uplifting, with a strong message to keep pushing forward through life and holding the power regardless of the situation. See the lyrics below.

“The Power and Unstoppable movement are an expression of the mindset: that you can brighten someone’s day by just giving them a smile and deciding every morning that you’re going to keep going. And everything flows from that.

It expresses through dance the idea that ‘I’m going to make this the best day possible, regardless of my situation’. This flows on and everyone catches that flame of resilience, that flame of joy.”

In addition to Power, Timomatic created simple dance steps to initiate as part of the movement to encourage everyone to get involved and share their moment.

So, get involved – scroll down to learn Timomatic’s dance moves or make up your own, and share via Facebook, Instagram or YouTube tagging #Unstoppableorg to spread the word.

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Learn the dance steps to show your Power

“You have the power to do whatever you want to do. Power is a song about keeping that flame alive inside of you to push you to the next level”

Power is available to download via Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming platforms.

Power lyrics