Unstoppable.org is the brainchild of Carrie-Ann Leeson, CEO of Lifeline Canberra, Francis Owusu, CEO and Founder of Kulture Break and multi-platinum Australian performer, Timomatic.

All three wanted to create a movement to inspire people to feel part of something bigger in their life and join a like-minded community to inspire and empower change and growth.

Lifeline exists to support people in crisis and save the lives of those experiencing thoughts of suicide. An experienced Chief Executive Officer and GAICD, Carrie’s passion for the mental health sector and visionary nature led her to start conversations with friend, Francis Owusu whose dedication to artistic expression evolved the Unstoppable.org concept. As CEO and Founder of Kulture Break, Francis is committed to empowering young people by using the performing arts industry and leadership development to change lives. Each of his programs, whether it be dance classes or motivational talks, acts in the early intervention of mental health, enhancing inclusion, identity, confidence and self-expression.

It was only a matter of time before Carrie and Francis reached out to multi-platinum performer and Australian icon, Timomatic whose effortless skills and down-to-earth nature made for the perfect partner to launch the Unstoppable.org movement. Timomatic penned the song ‘Power’ accompanied by complementary dance moves to engage the Unstoppable.org community and start a movement to impact and inspire all Australians.

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